Music FM : Best Free Music App For iPhone

Music FM is one of the best free music apps for iPhone to listen to it both in streaming and without internet.

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Listening to music on our smartphones is the order of the day. In iPhone and iPad we have many options, from storing music on devices to making use of streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music.


There are also other services in streaming that allow us to listen to music for free and other types of services making use of storage as apps that take advantage of services in the cloud, but if you want to take advantage of both ways and also for free there is nothing better than Music FM.

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Search results in Music FM

The application allows us to find many songs. First by searching and secondly making use of the different lists that it includes. These lists are: Genres, Countries, Artists and Albums.

In Genres we can search songs by genres from more than 30 different genres, such as Jazz, Pop or Disney music. Countries allow us to explore among Top songs from a total of 10 countries. For its part, Artists and Albums allows us to locate songs by different artists and different albums.

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The different search lists

Music FM has a total of three playlists in which we can add all the songs we want. To do this we will have to slide the song to the right and select which list we want to add it.

What makes the application stand out is that every time we click on the song we want to hear it will be downloaded locally. This means that if we have it added to any of the lists, we can listen to it at any time and even without an internet connection and without having to spend data.

That the songs are downloaded locally makes us take up storage space of our device, but it can be erased from the app settings

We recommend that you download Music FM, as it is probably THE BEST FREE MUSIC APP FOR IPHONE. 

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